About us

3 generations are our specialty mushrooms. Brand Mat-Mushroom was founded in 1997, whose business is the purchase, sale and packaging of mushrooms.

In our offer there are precious species of fungi. We have many years of experience in the industry and we can equip customers in the amounts and types of packages according to their needs.

Offered by us mushrooms come from the forests of western and northern Polish. Mushrooms have always come from the natural environment, and their packaging is under the constant supervision of a mushroom.

All the products in our range have the required certificates.

Our offer includes mushrooms Suzon following species:

  • King bolete (Boletus edulis)
  • Boletus badius (Xerocomus Badius)
  • Suillus┬á(Suillus luteus)
  • Leccinum (Leccinum Gray)
  • Mushroom (Agaricus)

All mushrooms offer as whole or sliced

We guarantee the highest quality products and favorable conditions for cooperation.

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